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Circumcision - why?

To a lot of people it is part of their religion, to others it is a traditional sign that the boy is about to become a man. In countries like the USA the majority has undergone circumcision for preventive reasons as there are a lot of distinct medical reasons for a circumcision.
Circumcision prevents

= a mostly congenital alteration with a foreskin that cannot be drawn over the glans as it is too tight. Some boys even suffer from a foreskin that is so tight that it blows up like a ballon when they pee. This can cause severe diseases of the bladder and the kidneys and even result in death.
Does a man have to live with that?!
Circumcision prevents

= an alteration where the foreskin actually can be pulled back over the glans but then gets stuck behind the glans if the penis swells. Because of the constriction the glas keeps sweeling and a vicious circle closes up. Only by prompt medical help the glans can be freed of the constriction of the tight foreskin - if not treated instantly the glans might not be supplied with blood and die back. If a boy had a paraphimosis a circumcision needs to be done to prevent him from an iteration of this painful and dangerous incidence. And this will happen with the next sexual activity for sure.
The phimotic ring is easy to see
Circumcision prevents

= an infection of the foreskin and the glans by bacteria or fungus that spawn beyond in the warm and wet climate under the foreskin and decompose smegma and rests of urins. Inflammation of the foreskin can also develop from allergic reactions, f.i. when cleaning with a soap or rests of detergents in the underwear. The allergically reddened parts of the skin get infected by bacteria. This shows clearly: If the foreskin has been removed it cannot inflame anymore. If the penis is circumcised the skin of the free glans changes a little and is not that vulnerable anymore.
Usually foreskin and glans are affected
Circumcision corrects a
"frenulum breve"

= most of the time a congenital alteration where the frenulum (the little tissue between foreskin and glans at the bottom of the penis) is so short that it hurts when pulling back. By that the foreskin cannot be pulled back correctly. If a man does not pay attention the short frenulum could even rip and bleed strongly when having sex. In that case it is even possible that pathogenic germs like the AIDS virus are transmitted. By constantly trying to go easy on the frenulum a boy might even loose the fun of having sex or even have problems to have an erection. Some women report that they get sore when having sex with a man suffering from a frenulum breve. At a circumcision the frenulum always gets cut through or even wholly removed.
It doesn't only look painful...
Circumcision improves
hygiene and health

= Scientific studies have shown that circumcised boys suffer from urinary tract infection ten times less than uncircumcised boys. Furthermore circumcised man will not be infected by the AIDS virus as easily. It has long been known that both penis cancer and genital cancer regarding women can be prevented by a circumcision. Urologists have observed that especially uncircumcised men need medical help when growing old.
The HI virus a million-times magnified
Circumcision increases
staying power

= Young girls and women complain mostly that their partners are "ready" too soon and don't have orgasms themselves. Men are simply easier to excite and therefore have an orgasm sooner than women. Until a man has finally found out how to delay his orgasm the sex is quite dissatisfying for the woman a lot of times. By the little reduction of sensitivity of the glans only a circumcision will help to make the sex more pleasant for both of them. Besides: If there is no foreskin in the way the glans bulges won't be felt so strongly anymore. The woman will experience a more intensive feeling by the movements of the penis and the man experiences more lust as well. It is conspicuous that most of the artificial penisses simulate a circumcised penis with a wide full glans and not the smaller elliptic glans of an uncircumcised.
Not only a highlight visually!
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