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EURO CIRC welcomes circumcision law:

"Circumcision of boys remains legal world-wide standard in Germany"

The community of Interest EURO CIRC welcomes the legal certainty by means of the law on circumcision of boys. With the acceptance of the draft law of the Federal Government of 12/14 December 2012, it has become evident that Germany will not isolate itself: Circumcision of boys is allowed in all parts of the world. The public quarrel following the Cologne banning order of May 2012 subsided after the passing of the law. As the discussion has contributed to the popularity of the subject, it is now a favorable time to meet with prejudices, misapprehensions and lies on the matter of excision of the prepuce. EURO CIRC voluntarily informs on this subject-matter.

For their argumentation, circumcision opponents generalize individual negative effects. For example, they claim that the removal of the foreskin will have traumatic effects on the child and irreversible impacts on the emotional and physical sensation of the adult male. For centuries, well-known advantages - that above all are scientifically proven with regard to circumcision in childhood - have been contrasting with these biased claims. For instance, it is accepted worldwide that circumcisions prevent from numerous diseases in the fashion of protective vaccinations. Being circumcised verifiably does not compromise the subjective sensibility. On the contrary, it can rather improve it. World-wide, the recognized advantages for health and sexual life affect more than one billion boys and men mostly circumcised in childhood.

An alternative draft law envisaged to make the circumcision legal only on boys when they are 14 or older. For the Jewish congregation, the rejection of this draft law is of prime importance: Jewish boys have to be circumcised on their eighth day of their life to take part in the religious life. Muslims generally favor a circumcision before puberty. The absence of legal certainty would have meant the end of religious and cultural identity for both religious communities in Germany or delinquency: Circumcisions would have been performed abroad or under questionable medical and sanitary circumstances by non-certified circumcisors disregarding the safety of the child.

EURO CIRC appreciates that the law also allows for non-religious reasons for performing circumcisions. Parents that want to circumcise their sons - according to the positive experiences from thousands of years - e.g. for prophylactic reasons are allowed to do so. Just as religiously motivated parents, they have to be educated, the child's will has to be included and the surgery has to be carried out in accordance with the rules of medical arts.

EURO CIRC press release of January, 16th 2013. (2720 characters)
EURO CIRC press release of July, 18th 2012:
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