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EURO CIRC publishes leaflets on foreskin circumcision

The interest group EURO CIRC publishes educational leaflets about circumcision oft he foreskin. These are aimed at men as an aid to decide whether to seek circumcision. Parents should also be offered assistance if circumcision of their son is necessary as a preventive measure or even medically.

Parents wishing to have their son circumcised for prophylactic reasons are explicitly allowed to do so in Germany since the introduction of § 1631d BGB (circumcision of the male child) in 2012. The acknowledged health and sex life benefits affect more than one billion boys and men all round the world, most of whom are circumcised during childhood. It is recognized worldwide that the procedure prevents numerous diseases; similar to vaccinations. The willingness of adolescents and younger adults to undergo circumcision has also noticeably increased in Germany in recent years. The number of circumcised boys and men is steadily on the rise.
In its leaflets, EURO CIRC presents the essential advantages of circumcision in a concise manner. In addition, a committee of 15 international experts has rounded up facts from scientific studies in "Expert Leaflets." All leaflets can be downloaded free of charge, printed out, and, displayed in medical practices if required.

For more detailed information, including information about the different circumcision styles and tips for healing, Germany's first and only circumcision guide can be ordered online.

EURO CIRC press release from May 08, 2020 (1.442 characters)
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