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lat. Praeputium; Skin sheet which covers the glans of uncircumcised men.
The surface of the outside and internal foreskin sheet corresponds the size to a cigarette box.

Foreskin climate

The actually already humid climate under the foreskin even increases in the summer heat and forms a true breeding nest for various bacteria which decomposition can cause a bad smell after a few hours and without constant cleaning it can even cause diseases. No more desire for bad smell or pretty surprises? Without foreskin nothing at all can form or accumulate!

Nothing new for uncircumcised ones

Foreskin reconstruction

Attempt to stretch the shank skin over a long time in order to reach a coverage of the glans.

Foreskin tightening

Narrowing of the foreskin, congenital or acquired.
Incomplete (relative) phimosis: The glans cannot be completely exposed by pulling back the foreskin when the penis is stiff.
Complete (absolute) phimosis: The foreskin cannot be pushed back completely in either a flaccid or a stiff penis.

Foreskin fully retracted
extreme Phimosis

Foreskin; inner and outer

The foreskin consists of two skin halves. The outer foreskin is the visible part of the skin which covers the glans. The other half of the foreskin lies directly on the glans and becomes visible only by pulling back.


In the so-called "Frenulectomy" the frenulum is completely cut by a full cut and sewn along the edges of the wound.

further image


In the so-called "Frenulotomy" the frenulum is severed crosswise by 2-4 cuts and sewn along the edges of the wound.


lat. Frenum; the little tape at the lower side of the glans, it adheres the foreskin firmly.


lat; a predominantly innate mutation with the frenulum being too short, which causes pain when stretching back the foreskin. Thus the foreskin cannot be stretched back complete and smoothly.

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