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the foreskin can be withdrawn (usually under difficulties) over the glans, however remains hanging behind the glans bulge if the penis swells.
Further Example

Partial circumcision

Only one part of the foreskin is removed; possibly even only less than half. The largest part of the glans is covered if the penis is not erected.
See also half circumcision.
Partial circumcision
Foreskin fully retracted

Pearly pinile papules

Pearly penile papules / Latin: papillomata coronae glandis) are small skin tip, which occur predominantly at the edge of the glans and the frenulum of the penis. They are not (sex) disease and therefore not contagious or somehow transferable. There are no warts. This is called rather a so-called normal finding or an anatomical variation.
Pearly pinile papules
Larger Version


Narrowing of the foreskin (prepuce), congenital or acquired.
Incomplete (relative) phimosis: The glans cannot be completely exposed by pulling back the foreskin when the penis is stiff.
Complete (absolute) phimosis: The foreskin cannot be pushed back completely in either a flaccid or a stiff penis.
Foreskin fully retracted extreme Phimosis


puncturing the skin in order to attach decoration or jewelry.
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